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HP pavilion Entertainment dv6000 laptop won't start

Jeff swicegood
Jeff swicegood asked
HP pavilion Entertainment dv6000 laptop won't start.

All lights flash on just once then it goes dead.  The power LED where the AC adapter plugs in is on, that's it.

None of the normal noises or any noises.

Have tried without hard drive, memory modules and DVD.
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It sounds as if you have a CPU or motherboard failure. Have you tried powering on with the AC attached and the battery removed?


Oh, my God,

I have the same laptop with Vista Home installed on that.

I plug a cable at 220 V and start my laptop, but first there is a some strange sound of cooler.
And all those spectacular blue LEDs are lightning.
Of, course and Power and hard disk LED.

Laptop try to load a Windows, but after only 1 minute it stops to work and there is no any light on LEDs.

I don't know what can it be. So, I think about a buying a new laptop.

Jeff swicegoodTechnician


@David: Yes, I have tried without the battery.
This is a well known problem with this laptop series.  It is caused by poor soldering on the GPU.  It is possible to reflow the solder as show here.


You should also install the latest BIOS update from HP, once the machine is booting again, which changes the way the fans function.  The problem may reappear when repaired in this fashion.
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and note that if you buy the same mobo -  you may buy the same problem...
if you reflow it (it's bad anyway) -  be sure to cover the rest of the board  with aluminium foil - to shield it from the heat gun (i use a paint stripper for this)
Jeff swicegoodTechnician