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CHKDSK found $TxLogContainer00000000000000000001

beskow asked
I have a user who states his computer rebooted by itself and went into chkdsk. When it came up all was fine but his Outlook would not run. Further investigation showed both his PSTs were missing. There was no Found folder so I ran chkdsk/f, which resulter in a folder called Found.000 with subfolders of dir0000.chk, 0001, 0002 and 0003, respectively. In the 0001 folder, I found two files named $TxLogContainer_with 19_0s followed by 1. The other file was the same ending in 2. I suspect these were his PST files as one was 10GB and 5GB. I renamed them to his PST files and after several attempts at changing the security, I was able to move the files. Running scanpst.exe did not help. The file was not recognized nor was it with Kernel for Outlook. Does anyone have an idea as to how I may be able to reconstuct them? It would appear chkdsk believed this to be a SQL transfer Log, thus the naming convention used?
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This tool may help you recover: GetDataBack for NTFS V3.03
Didn't bring back the folder that the PST files were in. It still showed the found directory and the files were still unaccessible. You made me think that I need to work on a NTFS recovery versus PST recovery. I think I'm dead in the water though, thanks.


Although the solution did not help me bring back the files it did make me realize I need to find a recovery tool which may not help me in this case and the PSTs are lost.