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Safeboot installation once client machines gets SCCM client

We just had a 'greenfield' installation of SCCM R2. We have turned on AD client discovery.
 We have three software that needs to be installed on a client machine as soon as it is joined to the domain.
The first would be the Antivirus software, second would be the SCCM client and the third would be the encryption system (safeboot)
Weve scripted the antivirus software to be deployed to client machines as soon as they are joined to the domain.

The issue we are having is the time frame it takes for the SCCM client to be pushed to the client machines - we do have client push installation turned on.

What we are trying to achieve is to get the SCCM client pushed out to the client machines as soon as they are joined to the domain. Is there a way of making sure the SCCM client gets installed on the clients, say within 15 mins of the client being joined the domain?

Also we want to make sure that following the SCCM client installation the encryption software should immediately be deployed to the clients.

Is there a way of achieving the above through SCCM  2007 R2?
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Yesy, you can put it in a logon script or deploy via GPO. This would be under a minute.

Let me know if you need a link etc.
For installing the SCCM client I chose a logon script:

@echo off

if not exist "%systemroot%\System32\ccm" goto install
goto end

if not exist "%systemroot%\SysWOW64\ccm" goto install
goto end

echo Installing SCCM Client
msiexec /i "\\server\share\ccmsetup.msi" /passive /norestart

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As for other applications you want to install, the client installation will take some time, and once it's done it'll need some more time in order to check for advertised applications.
You can set this time if you go to Site Database\Site Management\Sitename\Site Settings\Client Agents\Computer Client Agent\General
Look for Policy polling interval. I've set it to 15 minutes, but I've got a pretty small environment with less than 1k clients.

If you want to make sure an application is automatically installed from SCCM, advertise it with a mandatory assignment, and it should install within 1-1,5 hours I bet.


We've just tested installing the SCCM Client by running the client.msi through a GPO and it failed.
Would running ccmsetup.exe through the GPO with smssitecode=auto work?
Also can someone explain how ccmsetup.exe works (how does it call client.msi?)


thank you thomas-mjelde and merowinger