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multiple MX records

datatechdc asked
I currently have my MX records pointed to Google, my users are using POP/IMAP/google online web account to access email.

I want to have just one of the users move to a hosted exchange account which requires the mx records change.

can i have multiple mx records, and if so, will there be any performance issues or email delays?
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Domains can have multiple MX Records, however you need to configure the MX records with a different host at a set priority. Hosts with lower priority levels are used first. If a domain doesn't have a specified MX Record, the address records for the zone is used as the Exchange Server host.

Information on how to configure multiple mx records are below

Top Expert 2011
You can have multiple MX records, but they won't help with what you are trying to accomplish.  If you were to add additional MX records, it acts on a domain-wide basis -- you can't have just 1 users mail being delivered to a specific MX record and the rest to another MX.

If you want you could setup user routing in Google Apps to auto-forward mails for that user to their hosted exchange address -- http://www.google.com/support/a/bin/answer.py?answer=175745
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Sorry kinda blanked on that last sentence, disregard it.