Windows 2003 Server Error

I am having a issue with my windows 2003 server standard edition.  I uninstalled checkpoint secure client and rebooted.  When I rebooted and tried to login I got a error that I am unable to login because the workstation driver is not found.  I then researched and it said that sometimes when secure clients are uninstalled that the client for microsoft networks will need to be reinstalled.  OK so I booted to safe mode and uninstalled the client for microsoft network.  After another reboot I tried to install the client for microsoft network and got a error that it can not be done in safe mode.  Problem is I can not login to full mode.  

Has anyone run into this before that could offer me some advice.

Thank you
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You will need to login in as the local Administrator on the computer then reinstall the client for Microsoft networks.  Right now you do not have the network client, hence you cannot log into the Microsoft network....logging in as the local comptuer administrator account will allow  you to reinstall the client.
bidgadgetAuthor Commented:
Thank you. I did try as local admin but got a message saying service can not be started in safe mode
bidgadgetAuthor Commented:
Thank you. I did try as local admin but got a message saying service can not be started in safe mode
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Why are you logging in to Safe Mode, just log in normally using the local Administrator account.  So you cannot login to Windows using the local admin account unless  you are in safe mode?
bidgadgetAuthor Commented:
Correct. I can not login to anything but safe mode.
Ok so what happens when you try to start Windows in normal mode?  Do you get a login prompt but cannot login?  Do you get an error or blue screen when you try to start Windows?
bidgadgetAuthor Commented:
Login prompt. Then when I login it just hangs and does nothing
bidgadgetAuthor Commented:
It probably has to do with the workstation driver not found error that started my trouble
Ok so one other thing to try is the user ID login screen type: Localcomputername\Administrator then the local adminstrator password.  It sounds like the computer is still trying to login to the network.  Since you do not have a network client you cannot login to the network.  In order to truly login remotely in the User ID text box you should replace Localcomputername in my example above with the actual server name.  So for example if the server was named "Server2003" your login ID box should look like this: Server2003\Administrator  

Then the local admin password.....not the Domain Admin password.  It is important that you login to the computer as the local Administrator and not a network user ID.  Remember you have uninstalled the network client, you do not have any access to the network login ID's you must login in as the local admin.  If you do not know the server/computer name, login to safe mode and right click "Computer" in the start menu and select 'Properties'

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bidgadgetAuthor Commented:
Thank you. I will give it a shot first thing in the morning when I get to the office and I will get back to you.
have you tried using the Windows repair disk? It might be a good idea to try it since it would reinstall the missing drivers
you might be able to force a log in with cached credentials by unplugging the network cable before you log in.
bidgadgetAuthor Commented:
No luck. I still can only login using safe mode
bidgadgetAuthor Commented:
Thank you.  I also had to uninstall the checkpoint secure 1 remote client which was causing the workstation driver error
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