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Connect to two Wireless Networks at the same time under Windows 7?

I have a computer that needs to connect to two different wireless routers. Both routers are on different subnets. One router is our office router that provides internet access.  The other router connects directly to to a milling machine.  I have installed two USB wireless adapters on my Windows 7 Pro desktop computer.  I can manually connect each wireless adapter to the correct routers at the same time.  My problem is that I want Windows to always connect wireless #1 adapter to router #1, while wireless #2 adapter must always connect to router #2.  When manually set Windows to connect this way, when I reboot, Windows automatically connects adapter #2 to router #1, and the second adapter never connects to either.  How do I setup Windows 7 to do what I want?
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try putting the code in a batch file in the startup menu
netsh wlan connect name=SSID-Internet interface="Wireless Network Connection 1"

netsh wlan connect name=SSID-Milling interface="Wireless Network Connection 2"

Open in new window

enter correct values to Interfaces and SSID's


When I get to the office in the morning I'll give it a try.  I'll keep you posted.


Ok.  It worked but it took a while to figure out the exact parameters to use.  Here is what I used as a batch file in the startup folder:

Timeout /t 10
netsh wlan connect ssid=Router1 name=net1 interface=Wireless1
netsh wlan connect ssid=Router2 name=net2 interface=Wireless2

I had to use the "timeout" command to delay the startup until Windows 7 was fully loaded before executing the netsh.

One thing I found was that it's case dependent os "ssid=router1" will not work.  Notice the uppercase "R", so I had to use "ssid-Router1".  I also had to use netsh wlan show all to find the interface name and profile names.



Just to add clarification for anyone else that needs more info.  The netsh command line is in the form:

netsh wlan connect (ssid=yourwireless_ssid) (name=profile_name) (interface=wireless_interface)

"ssid" is the ssid of the router you want to connect to

"name" is the name of the wireless profile.  You may need to use the command "netsh wlan show all" to find the names of the profile and interfaces.
No problem, I;ve never used the netsh for wireless connections before, but thought I would give you a starting point.
Nice for you to put what else you found on here, for other people to use.