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Best way to size windows 7 for a 46" monitor media PC setup

Hey there, I have a windows 7 media PC unit hooked up to a 46: LCD.  I want to use HULU to watch shows and other online streaming, but the icons and letters are too small to navigate when I am stitting 10' back on the couch with the wireless keyboard and mouse combo

can someone please let me know if there is an easy setting somewhere for me to make everything readible without screwing up the size of the IE streaming windows (things get out of whack if I tweak the wrong things)

Thank you!
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in Internet Explorer..
View --> zoom --> desired zoom size
Or crtl ++    and ctrl --
I will agree that CanusRufus' comment is the only way I can do it on my setup (identical to yours).  Typically, I have to sit in the chair closest to the display to use it as a computer.

Hello projector!!!!  Coming soon.

Good luck!
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I would suggest you check out ways of integrating Hulu with Windows Media Center.  And if you're using the PC as a home theater PC, you should check out media center anyway.  I use one with a 4 tuner card from Ceton - it's like a 4 tuner DVR with unlimited space (assuming I keep adding drives).  I haven't watched live TV since the end of the baseball season... and you can use XBox systems as remote media centers (Media Center Extenders).

Here's something that might help with Media Center and Hulu


Thanks everyone!!