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Need to Unlock IPhone2

Gary Antonellis
Gary Antonellis asked
We have an IPhone2 with 3.1.3 we would like to unlock so we can switch from ATT.  I tried Redsn0w but the Unlock option did not show on screen.  There are lots of ads and hits when I Google, but I am suspicious that some are scams.

Looking for the best way, would prefer free but willing to pay up to $25 for software if needed.

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Wow that is a while ago now.  It is all going to depend on your baseband version which is the software that was added to the modem of the iPhone.

all you ever need in tutorials is iClarified

you first have to jailbreak and here is the wizard to take you through those steps

then unlock wizard is here.

read through them and the tutorials first fully as you might be able to create a jailbroken unlocked iOS that you then just restore to.  I think  that was how it was back then.
Aaron TomoskyDirector, SD-WAN Solutions

I think that version can be done with jailbreakme.com
It is definitely legitimate. If so, after the jailbreak, open Cydia and add ultrasn0w. This is the carrier unlock.
Gary AntonellisSenior Application Consultant


I followed your link to jailbreak and selected Spirit (vs Pwnage or RedSn0w).  All the steps seemed to match the instructions but on the last step my Iphone screen hung on the screen attached.

After about a half hour I restarted the Iphone but it would not make it past the Apple splash screen that shows the bitten apple

I then attempted to restore it using ITunes, but got "The IPhone 'iPhone' could not be restored.  An unknown error occurred (14)".  Screen print of error is attached.

How do I salvage this IPhone and continue the Jailbreak? iTune Error
Senior Application Consultant
Oops, forgot the first screen print Splash screen from Spirit Splash screen from Spirit
Gary AntonellisSenior Application Consultant


The solution corrupted iPhone although it may have also been combination of this solution and steps I had done prior.

I took it to local technician and had it unlocked.