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Linksys wireless not allowing me to get to GUI

emjay180 asked
I configured a linksys router and clicked on the "passthrough to dhcp server" option (not exact option, but that's function), now the PCs aren't getting an IP address and I can't get to GUI.  Is there a way to get to it?  I have host name, but can't get at the GUI still.  Better just to reset and start over?  

I basically though that was way to get wireless and wired users on same subnet to use printer.  Small follow-up question, is there a good link to setup router so wireless users can use the printer on main subnet?  

Thank you.  
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emjay180VMware Engineer


Thanks!  I'll probably end up having them reset the router if I don't get any suggestions by tomorrow.  It's in another state and I don't feel like walking users through anything.