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intel motherboard s5000psl sata drives not showing

doc20us asked
Rackable system 2U with intel S5000PSL motherboard....can anyone tell me what I need to do to get the sata drives to show up in bios. onboard sata is truned on in bios Raid is turned off... I have even upgraded the Bios.
thank you for any help
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Hi doc20us,

Please advise on the make, model and size of the SATA drives. Also advise if you have updated the BIOS as yet?
Here is a link of the tested hardware on  this board.
It might be that you have unsupported HDD's or you have them running with the wrong config.



the drives (4 of them) are all WD wd5000ABYS. yes they are on the approved / tested list. the drives work fine in other system... yes the bois has been updated to ver. 101.
thanks for your time
I found the problem,  Rackable system have a back plane that the sata drives slide into. this back plane is powered by 2 cable coming from the power supply, if you follow the cable down to the power supply there is a plastic connector that is hidden under the other wires coming from the power supply, this connector had come lose in shipping and was not getting power to the back plane so the sata drives did not have power. after plugging the cable back in everything works.


everything works great now

Glad you found the problem. :)