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Outlook rule(s) to move all inter-office emails to a folder

nieblertech asked
Hello all,

I'm having a problem getting Outlook to move all emails from within the office to a subfolder of the Inbox.
I have setup two rules in Oulook 2007 (w/ Exchange 2003).
Rule 1:
Move every email to the folder OfficeEmails, EXCEPT when the message headers contain an '@'
   This moves messages that don't have anything in the message header. It looks like Exchange doesn't add headers if the message is purely internal.

Rule 2:
Move all messages from the OurCompany distribution group to the OfficeEmails folder.
   This appears to do a lookup on the sender address and see if the sender is part of the OurCompany distro list.  From what I can tell, messages from OWA and smartphones/tablets get message headers which this rule reads.

Fun fact:
- This appears to work on a test account I setup. I've sent the test account messages from Outlook, Outlook using RPC over HTTP, OWA, POP3, iDevice in Exchange mode.  All were moved in the test account.
Fun Fact 2:
- The Boss is the one that wants this.  He has 4000 messages in his Inbox.  When I Run Rules Now on his Inbox hundreds of inter-office messages don't move like they should.  Testing on his account isn't fun as his emails move around in Outlook, his iPhone, and his iPad, which he doesn't like.

I'm not sure what to do.  Since Run Rules Now isn't working I'm hesitant to turn on the rules and hope for the best.  Once I turn this on he will only be looking in the OfficeEmails folder for office emails.  If one gets missed and he doesn't see it there will be a problem.

So, is this a bug with Outlook/Exchange rules?  Is there some other Rule I need to get all the messages to move?  Should I suggest they hire someone to move messages manually?  
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Have you tried changing your rule to say all emails from the specific domain get moved to the OficeEmail folder


Hi Dave,

Thanks for posting.  I did have a rule to move all email with @ourcompany.com in the sender address. It seemed to miss the same emails the Distribution List rule is missing.  The crazy thing is, if I look in the message headers I see, "FROM: xyz@ourcompany.com". If Rules supported wildcards this whole thing would be easy, but they don't.
I know it doesn't help but you aren't the only one experiencing this problem.

here is a fix that one guy said helped him. Can you try and let me know


Using the tool in the KB allowed me to remove all the rules from the user's mailbox, then recreate the ones I needed.  NOTE: The problem I was having was actually corrupted rules in Outlook, not just a "how do I create a rule to do this" problem.