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Need to Track Down Windows XP Driver for Princeton Graphics Monitor

I have a Dell Inspiron 600m laptop. The screen died so I'm using it with my Princeton external monitor plugged into the VGA port. It's working, but Win XP is using a generic video monitor driver, so the quality is awful.

I don't think Princeton Graphics is in business anymore, so I couldn't find the drivers for download on the web. Letting XP try to find newer drivers fails miserably (surprise, surprise), so I don't know what to do.

Hoping someone can point me to the right drivers or can propose a different, but compatible driver that might work well with this model, which is a Princeton Graphics Systems Synergy 981 TFT-LCD monitor. Model GPP-950

Thanks in advance.

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With LCD monitors, setting the resolution to something besides the native dimensions can result in poor video quality.  Do you know the specs for this monitor?
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Here are the monitor specs from the Princeton website you shouldn't need a driver but you may need to check the default driver in XP is using these to talk to the display.  Especially the native resolution which may differ from the dead laptop LCD.

The Support link on that page will take you to the User manual download and to the drivers they did supply.
I have found Driver Agent to be excellent in such cases.  Go to and run the scan to see if a driver is available for your device.
Try one of these:

(R 1.05) Models after Year 2002 -- Self Extracting (VL & VF Series Added)


(V7.10) Models before year 2002 -- Self Extracting (For Legacy models)

For this one, you'll have to click through and do a CAPTCHA to get to the actual download.

The monitor supports 1280 x 1024 - try updating the existing driver to manually selected and then use a Microsoft Generic 1280 x 124 LCD Panel?



Correction - it supports 1600 x 1200 @60 Hz - select the appropriate generic driver from the list.


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Thanks for all the suggestions. Turns out Win XP does have a Princeton Synergy 981 driver, which I went ahead and installed. But still the quality is terrible, in particular when I open up Firefox to surf the web. The way the text from websites is rendered makes it practically unreadable.

Tried installing the drivers linked above from WayBackMachine. The program installs but didn't seem to make a difference.

I tried changing the resolution to 1600 by 1200 and also 1280 by 1024, but still looks terrible.
Try Ubuntu

Make the CD and boot from it and see what the graphics look like under Ubuntu.  If they are still lousy I'd suspect a hardware fault.  If they don't then it is a software problem of some type.
I tried booting the laptop with a Puppy Linux CD and the screen resolution looks good. So it doesn't seem to be a hardware problem.
What resolution were you using in Linux?
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ClearType did the trick. Looks good now. Thanks.