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Need Assistance Debugging Javascript

tmonteit asked
I have a web page that is using the javascript slider library.  The page shows a link of several blocks of text that slide back and forth.  There is also a menu on the left hand side.  Underneath the slides there is automatically generated a [1,2,3,4] for scrolling the slides.  

I am trying to make the menu on the left hand side control the slides rather than the auto-generated [1,2,3,4].   I also want the auto-generated [1,2,3,4] to go away completely.

I am not sure how to accomplish this.

I have a live example running here:

Also, for reference, I used some code that came from:  http://slidesjs.com/examples/linking/   The page seems to use some Hash #1, #2 to select different slides from a link.  But when I try it it doesn't work.   See the code below, when I uncomment out the animationComplete block the entire thing breaks and I see nothing.

How do I get rid of the auto-generated [1,2,3,4] and use my links to make the slide-in effect work with my own text as the slides?

       // Set starting slide to 1
       var startSlide = 1;
       // Get slide number if it exists
       if (window.location.hash) {
          startSlide = window.location.hash.replace('#','');
       // Initialize Slides
                preload: true,
                // If I uncomment the following, the whole thing breaks and I see no slides.
                /*animationComplete: function(current){
                     // Set the slide number as a hash
                     //window.location.hash = '#' + current;
                } */

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Senior Web Developer
I think your variable  declared in your jquery function have
var startSlide = 1;
so that is being print you may have removed the nav icons of the slide that is http://slidesjs.com/examples/linking/img/pagination.png 
Manage the pagination image.
I mean add this style:

.pagination {
	margin:26px auto 0;

.pagination li {
	margin:0 1px;

.pagination li a {
	background-position:0 0;

.pagination li.current a {
	background-position:0 -12px;

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