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how can I use my iphone to have internet connection on my  laptop?

frankbustos asked
hi experts,

 I have an iphone with voice and data. I want to use my laptop to go through my iphone for internet access, how can I do that?
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The word you are looking for is teathering.

It is largely dependant on your iOS version and your communications provider.  Look in your settings if you can turn it on.  As of iOS 4.X an iOS device could also make a wifi hotspot from your internet for your computer for example.

In addition to what darbid73 mentiones, these 2 articles should help you get started:
Before an update please fully back up your iphone.

Connect your phone to itunes run and update

Once your phone has been fully updated

 Locate Settings --> Personla Hotspot "Turn it ON"

Its pretty straight forward from there on.
Joe RudSystems Administrator

You need to have a tethering plan from your wireless provider.  This incurs an additional monthly cost beyond that of the regular data plan that you already have.
frankbustosSystems Administrator


i never saw this setting on the phone, turns out that yes I didn't have thi tethering plan.
Frankbustos I answered your question in the first post. Please change what you have done. If you don't I will request admin attention.