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ansss asked
Dear All

my company has migrated few sites , on stonegate and checkpoint firewall running of linux,,, my boss told me to do the log analysing,,  

to be very frank i dont understand  what really he mean with it, what should i do and what he and companay want from me,  what should i do to perform the log analysation and what does it really mean, if there is any software or method and what will i do after analysing the logs,,

please help
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IT Support Professional
what software / hardware are you using for the firewall? you can check the the firewall software to check it's log, or you can use 3rd party software, like (Firewall Analyzer)
 it work on windows/linux and support the following hardware:
Firewalls: Cisco ASA, Cisco IOS, Cisco FWSM, Cisco PIX, CheckPoint, Fortigate, Juniper Netscreen, Sonicwall
    Proxy-servers: Microsoft ISA, NetCache, Squid
    IDS/IPS: 3Com X Family
    VPN: Cisco VPN Concentrator
Thomas AamodtNetwork Architect
Just make a report out of the information you get from the firewalls/IDS'es. make like "statistics" and stuff. bosses like that kind of reports.


thanks all of you