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recording skype calls

hello! i'm interested in an easy and preferably free or inexpensive way to record skype calls (both computer to computer as well as computer to phone...). i actually found an EE article on this that suggested using audacity; i'm SOOOOOOOOOO frustrated cuz i can get it work only part way - once it records only my mic, and the next time it records only the other person - i've just been playing around with the preferences on recording but none of the selections seem to work right! any ideas? the menus on the audacity that i'm using don't look exactly like the menus on the article that explained how to do it
thanks so much!!
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To use Audacity you need to change settings for the source when you switch from what you hear in the speakers ( stereo Mix)  to MIC
that will apply regardless what tool you use
Was it one I wrote can you post a link to the EE article?
Which windows do you have?
I have setup my Audacity to have the audio bar float above, then make a shortcut to your Sound from control panel it places it on your desktop automatically then switch them from there
Post back your system ok as I have windows 7
I'll endevour to help you then


yes, i have windows 7... can't find the EE article now (can try to look for it later)
are you saying that every time we switch from me to talking to the other person talking in the conversation, i'd have to manually change the input source??
The emphasis here jpomerantz
is that Audacity needs to hear what is coming out of the PC speakers all the time you are in a conversation or a call, how you're doing this is what we'll work on,.
so if you speak into a mic you need to be able to hear yourself in the speakers including the people on the other end,
just turn the volume right down on the speakers themselves if you have a volume on the speakers, not on the master volume on the taskbar,  otherwise you would get noise feedback from the mic.
So long as Audacity can pick up the audio inside regardless if you can hear or it or not it will record
How do you hear the other person on the call?
Are you using a headset?
Can you get the other person's conversation through your speakers?
I don't use Skype so anything you can do here ( fill in the gaps)
To test
insert your mic into the line in open your playback devices
at the taskbar r/click the speaker Vol   go to playback devices then recording
speak into the mic do you see activity in two areas one in the mic and one in the stereomix
see screenshot
Prior to starting your conversation open audacity and click on the output sound and put it onto Direct sound digital out then click on the little microphone in the center on the left just below the graphs for left and right
chek screenshot
this gives you a preview of the incoming audio.

speak into your mic and see if the graph shows activity adjust the volume
then hit record and speak and stop etc
to playback you need to change the audio again from direct sound output to  direct sound Speakers so you hear your recording results
if your happy go to file and save as mp3
otherwise just close it as this is just a practise.
Start a new one remember to switch Audio backto to direct sound output
for recording



thanks so much!! i'm not 100% clear yet - but i think i see the major problem... for some reason, it says that my "stereo mix" is "currently unavailable" - it is "enabled" but "not avaialable" -- how in the world do I fix that??
hmm I dunno
Make sure you're using the right default audio device?
look in my screenshot stereomix is default
In order to enable and make the Stereo Mix available, you would have to right click on Stereo Mix and select ‘Set as Default Device’.
I'll show my audio settings,
starting with playback devices



awesome! ok, setting it as the default worked to bring it online... here's the thing. i can set to stereo and record the other person... OR can set to mic and record me - but i cant get it to record BOTH of us!!
i'm using a headset with one plug in mic jack and one in speaker / headphone jack...
is there any way to do this?
maybe I should just get specialized skype call recording software. i found some - but I wanted to try this first cuz that software costs money :)


just found the article on how to do this...
the problem is that my version of audacity (i guess the new one for win7) doesn't have that drop down which lets you choose to mix inputs! i just found that there's one version that's newer so i'm trying to download that and see if it helps. i'll let you know
thanks so much!


nothin doin... i think that i'm going to have to give up until audacity build in that feature into the version for windows 7 unless you have any other ideas
Morning Audacity for windows 7 lol naw any version will do
here's your problem>>but i cant get it to record BOTH of us!!
>>i'm using a headset with one plug in mic jack and one in speaker / headphone jack...<<< the head set is probably cutting out the speakers, does it  work without headset?
You probably need a double adapter so that you can plug in the headphones in with the speakers line out jack. and use two so you have speakers and head phones.
Image provided
Or dont use the headphones ok. test please
The headphones probably cuts off the speakers
You need to be able to hear the conversation from both sources in the speakers?
Plug the mic into the rear tower line in and make sure you hear the other person in your speakers
ok take a look at these guides.
Free is possible always
This is a tutorial on how to record Skype calls for free with Audacity.
It also allows you to record anything that comes out of your speakers.
Recording Skype calls for Free w/ Audacity
How to record Skype Calls

Depending on your version of Skype?

Skype "tools"  did offer free recording apps. called "pretty may" etc.

You may need to go back to an older version of Skype to use these free recording apps.

Hpe ths hlps.


thanks so much - had to split the pionts cuz learned a lot from Merete and his suggestion worked to get stereo mix working... in the end was just too frustrating so i payed for the add on :)
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ok - no problem. it was only cuz i was looking for free thing - but I just used it today and it was really great so I am quite thankful. will happily change this
thanks so so much for your help!!!
Thanks for the upgrade,.... I have kept an older version of skype & its free pretty may recording app. on my PC thus I have "free recording" of my skype calls.