how to check VIO clients configured on VIO server

I have logged in VIO server. Now i want to check what and all VIO clients are configured from VIO server. Is there any command to check directly or any other way?
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you can check which LPAR has virtual SCSI disks assigned with

lsmap -all

Check the virtual I/O slots (i.e. virtual host adapters used to connect to virtual client adapters) with

lsdev -slots

See virtualization-capable SAN adapters and (if configured) their virtual ports with


Display the network adapters with

lstcpip -adapters

where adapters flagged with "Virtual I/O Ethernet Adapter (l-lan)" are the ones used for virtual machine communication.

There are no "VIO clients" in a narrow sense, there are only virtual connectors served by VIO to be used by other virtual machines (LPARs = "Logical Partitions").


lsdev -virtual

to see the big picture, and issue


to see all VIO commands. Issue

man command

to learn more about single commands.


... and here is the Redbook:

PowerVM virtualization is a very wide subject, so I'd really suggest trying to acquire some basic knowledge before working with it in a production environment, e. g. by reading the above publication.

sreecreddyAuthor Commented:
thanks for the solution
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