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App_Code Folder

bbkevin asked
Hi Experts,

According to company requirements, I have created a Web site project rather than Web Application Project. Now I am designing to create 3-tier architecture folders.

- \App_Code\DAL
- \App_Code\BLL
- \App_Code\
- \Bin
- Login.aspx
- Default.aspx

But the shared code seems to require to create within App_Code folder.
Is it able to put DAL BLL folder under the root directory?
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Yes. We have implemented MVC and we created seperate folders for Model View and Controller
Do u use any plugins during this implementation?
If so there can be problems
The actual practice whould be this: DAL and BLL should be complied as DLL which can be accesed by other projects referencing the DLL'd so you can create a seperate  project under the same solution and reference it.

Example approach: http://www.c-sharpcorner.com/UploadFile/mahesh/dll12222005064058AM/dll.aspx


Hi wdfdo1986,
No, I am designing a new architecture. I know MVC is a good architecture, but I need to concern other programmer willing to pick up new languages... So I am creating a single website to simulate 3-Tier architecture.

Hi n_vijay,
According to my situation, I would like to build a single web site. Is it able to put other folder such as BLL, DAL folder outside App_Code folder but can be accessed by other pages / classes?
I was not saying that you have to go with MVC. I was trying to say that if it is possible to go with MVC folder structure it is also possible to go with another folder structure. Seems like you misunderstood it. And also I was asking whether u are using any kind of a plugin with VS for this 3 tier architecture. Hope you understood this time.
And you can configure App Code folders using the web.config. Can do it easier than that but cant remember and now I don't have access to a VS instance. Sorry for that.


Thanks for yours suggestions!
I put all the shared code in the App_Code folder finally.