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"The specified network name is no longer available" error

On our network, we have a buffalo link station NAS device, I used to be able to access from any computer on the network. However now, I can access the NAS from any client machine on the network, except the one server that i need it to be able to connect to, that is our mainserver that has an LTO4 tape drive for backup. Whenever i try to map the network drive, i get the error "The specified network name is no longer available". However it is still pingable from the mainserver, and i can still access the web management page from the browser on the mainserver.

After alot of research, i kept running into articles that stated that the problem's cause is most probably the symantec endpoint protection 11.x that i had installed and then removed right after I started getting the "The specified network name is no longer available", i tried upgrading the symantec endpoint protection management console to version 12.x, however the error is still there.

If i don't manage to map the network drive to the mainserver, i won't be able to include it in the backup tapes unless i do a workaround.

I'd appreciate any pointer on how to continue the troubleshooting, thanks.

Mainserver: Windows server 2003 R2

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i would assume that you mapping this drive on the IP is that correct?
Can you also confirm that you DNS and subnet settings are correct?


I tried mapping on both DNS name and IP address,  both give the same error message.  I confirm that the DNS and subnet message are correct, since the mapping works fine on any other computer in the network

Are you on a domain ? if so try addidng the NAS server to the domain again.
Can you confirm that some under drive management that there isn't anything else trying to use the drive letter you are trying to map?


Yes, i can confirm that there isn't anything else trying to use the drive letter that i am trying to map. Infact, this error still shows on any drive letter that i try to assign.
can you try to use the net use commands and try map the drive

e.g net use f: \\(servername)\(share) /P

also do you see anything in the event logs when the mapping fails?
Go into the Backup Servers System event logs and see if you find errors within the 8000's that say the Buffalo Terastation thinks it's the master browser, the browser service stopped and an election has been forced...

yes, Symantec EP will block Netbios and SMB. Netbios over SMB is used to communicate with the Buffalo box. In order to remove symantec, you have to use a symantec removal tool. I don't know how to configure it to allow Netbios...

So, you have two potential causes. You should be ABLE to map the computer via IP address or FQDN as a work around...



Too slow to give answers, and answers are too general. I had to accept a solution so that i can search for something else