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Best Practices for Fiber Laying

Dear Members,

We require to lay 48 Pair Fiber for connectivity within our Factory Primise for approx 3.5 Kilometers., from the vendor. Plz suggest for any standardization / Protocols / Best Practices for Laying fiber ...I mean

1. Suggested depth of digging
2. Protection to be placed - briks etc to save the cable from getting dameged from any field work / JCB etc.
3. Marking - for cable above ground etc.
4. Etc.

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Check this link  below


1. Suggested Depth--> Cable Trays can be used where all types of Cables can be layed on that.
2. Cables trays used cables are on the top of the tray.
3. Cable Optical Fiber cable Multi-mode fibres have larger cores (62.5 microns in diameter) can be used here for factory and plant cabling .


Thanks for your suggestion, it is helpfull....

Still the qurarry remains...

1 - What is the standard depth of digging we should adopt for cable laying in Factory Primise.
2.  What sort of protection - from JCB; Rodents and Environment threats we should put... Like steel jacketing ; Brick brotection etc.
3. What sort of marking above ground is advisable after cable laying.
4. Any thing else we should take up from vendor to do - who would be doing cable installation and digging for cabling.
5. Is there any Standard or any de-facto standard to do all Cable laying.

I welcome your expert suggestions/judgements over this.

Thanks & Regards,

Refer chapter 2 for cable laying depth and Trench width.


This give me an idea...Possibly experts-exchange have no much idea about the subject.

I would appritiate, even after closing is some one can flash more light on the subject.

Anyway thanks for whatever I got as a support..Indeed that was helpfull as well. Thanks for both experts who answered my quarries.