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Tool for PC inventory that does not rely


I'm looking for a software that can make an inventory of the PCs on your network for an SMB environment. I know ther are plenty (Spiceworks etc). But they all rely on WMI to function. The problem is I have so many problems with getting WMI to work that I'm looking for a more reliable alternative.

Do you know of any affordable (or better free) inventory tool that uses a client on the workstation that contacts a local workstation or server to give an update of it's situation?

Thanks for any suggestions.

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What kind of PC inventory solution do you need? a totally centralised management solution such as MS Systems Center, or a desktop solution such as Spiceworks??

Systems Management Server

We are using lansweeper and so far it has been great.  We use the active scanning that uses WMI but there is also a couple client side executables that you can enforce using log on scripts that either trigger a remote scan or collect all the data locally and upload a report to the scanning/reporting server for import.  Its not a realtime running agent, just something that runs when the user logs in.  Its not locked down either so if you are a scripter you can make your own VB custom actions and do practically anything you want on remote machines as long as you have administrative rights.  We use it a log for hardware and software reporting.


Very cool app and its not expensive for a single scanning server that can track unlimited computers.  There is a freeware version but you loose a lot of functionality.

Danny ChildIT Manager
we use EasyVista
www.easyvista.com - "codeless"....
Adam LeinssSystems Administrator
SCCM relies on WMI.  TrackIT from Numara uses an executable called Audit32 through the login script or you can use an agent on every computer.  It creates an XML file which is then merged into the database for hardware/software auditing purposes.
I like to use GoverLan for enviroments without relying solely on WMI

It's agent based, enhanced by WMI, but WMI is absolutely not required.


Give it a try, deploy to your computers. It's worth every penny, try it, and you'll know what I mean.

WMIX is the part that uses WMI but you don't need to use it. Just try it for a month and then come back here and tell me what you think about it!