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i have a one scenario, May main office in kuwait and my domain is example and one is US and one is UK My physical domain and exchange 2010 sp1 is located in kuwait name is if i add 2 accepted domain one for and one for Does it work ? and  my US and UK users will able to send and received email through webmail or pop3? example , , or is there any more setting required? And one more thing i have registered domain on web, and is there any setting on the registered domain required?
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You can have all those as accepted domains in your exchange organization. Make sure you update the MX-records for all domains hosted by your exchange to point to your external IP-addresses to be able to receive e-mails on all addresses.

You will also have to add the e-mail addresses to the recipients, or apply a E-mail Address Policy that takes care of this.
Kash2nd Line EngineerCommented:
Make those accepted domains authoritative. Log on to where ever you host the domain names and point the MX records to your mail server. Can take 2/3 hours for them to propagate.

libra_ali786Author Commented:
Thanks for clear my doubts and quick response.
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