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GVRP learned tagging on ports

Funktopus asked

Hopefully a quick one. I have several HP 3500 Procurve switches (J9472A and J9470A) that I'm trying to configure. I have enabled GVRP on all switches and have successfully verifed the learned VLAN config on all switches. However - when I attempt to tag ports on the switches with the dynamically learned vlan - I get the message 'Dynamic VLANS cannot be configured manually'.

I'm not sure where to start troubleshooting - any help would be great.

Thanks - Nick.
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Top Expert 2011

It sounds like the switches may already be tagging the vlans on the trunks. Can you verify vlan communication between the switches?
I was indeed able to verify communication between the switches before this issue arose. Issue has been resolved. Basically my intermediate knowledge of these switches led me astray. It appears I was unable to tag multiple ports all at once - I had to do them individually. I was able to complete the config once this minor hurdle was overcome.



Issue is resolved.