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I need to cc automatically (without selecting email) all emails send from outlook 2003, 2007,2010

jobby1 asked
While I send to any email address I need to cc all the new emails and reply to xyz@yahoo.com from my outlook. How can I achive this without using stationary. My outlook connected to exchange server.
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Kash2nd Line Engineer

i don't understand your question quite well. If you are wanting to have a global address book then i can guide you through that but elaborate on your question first?


It is very simple when I send an email it should be send to (cc) to another email also.I will not select the email id in the cc field should come automatically.I shoud  be able to set in outlook similar to you set delivery report etc for all emails you send.
Microsoft Outlook MVP
Why not just use Outlook Rules for that? Create outgoing rule and check "Cc the message to people or public group" action.