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Microsoft Access database disconnects same time each day

riverbank asked
Users running Windows 7 Pro 32bit, get disconnected at the same time each day from an Access database stored on one of the networked servers running Windows 2008 R2.
The access database is ran on users' PCs as a shortcut on their desktop pointing to \\servername\database
Everyday at 17:45, when they have the access database open, it comes up with the following error: "disk or network error" options are simply ok or help.
I've checked for scheduled tasks running at that time and looked in the events log but nothing of any significance in either running at that time.
Is there a way to determine what might be causing this?
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Molly FaganApplications Team Supervisor

Could it be that backups are being performed at that time on the server?  Something like that wouldn't appear as a scheduled task or pop up in the events log--I had a situation where a program was erroring out "around" 4 in the morning--nothing showed up in the event log to indicate the error, etc. and I finally asked the network guys and they said that the server was being backed up at that time and even though it wasn't supposed to interrupt anything but there was a span of 5 seconds where there was interruption and if my program attempted to process data at that time, then it would error.

Another possibility--is your anti-virus program getting updated at that time?  I know McAfee on my home machine causes a bog sometimes when it updates.


I've checked when the backup runs and when the daily scans run for the AV, but both are outside the time that this disconnection happens.

I've now discovered that this database.mdb "disk or network error" doesn't happen to all users it seems. 1 user running Windows 7 pro 32bit doesn't appear to have this problem at the mentioned time.
I've looked at the scheduled tasks on the PC and event log but again can't see anything running at that time.
Molly FaganApplications Team Supervisor

What are the other users running?  Win 7 64 bit?  XP?


Most of them that use this database are running Windows 7 Pro 32b.
Some receive this error when logged into the database, 1 so far doesn't.
Applications Team Supervisor
What version of Access are you using?  Here's a link to an article about using UNC paths that helped resolve the message--one person commenting on the blog said that they had that message pop up at the same time every day.