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What is the best way to create template for Word document and to fill it semiautomatic?

f_o_o_k_y asked
I'm looking for a good way to prepare word documents templates.

There are lots of documents which are different in only few places, like company name, address, number of the case or etc.
I need to find out how to prepare a fill-in form for employees.
I know that I can use developer tab and lock other parts of the document
But I want to simplify the process of filling.

If the address field is in more than one place in document, I want it to automatically fill in in all other instances of this field.

Preferably if there is a way to use something like Document Information Panel or some other prompt system

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'Legacy' form fields are made for the job.

However, the document will need Forms protection top work properly, so it is best suited where little or no free editing is required.

There are at least two ways to get the text to repeat. You can fill in one from field from another using VBA in the form of an exit macro. Or you can put a REF field that cites the bookmark name of the field to be repeated, wherever it is needed..
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Note that if you need to produce a 'batch' of these at a time, then mail merge could be a separate alternative.
I was thinking about using something like Info Path to prepare forms/templates and use it in Word but i don't know If i can do this without having infopath on each computer.
Maybe you would like simple ASK + REF combination, as explained in the article at office.microsoft.com.

Something more about ASK field you can see on the same website, and the only thing is how to update fields. I would suggest right click + Update field for all ASK fields, and going to Print Preview for REF fields.
Good morning!

You can easily create a browser-enabled InfoPath form that would be web-based instead of client-based.  You would defind each field once, then place it on the form wherever you need it.  Once the first one is populated, the duplicate fields would reflect the content of the first one.

You can also automatically populate fields with a drop-down field somewhere in the form.  Have your users choose an option, eg., the company name.  Related fields, like address and contact information, would populate automatically based on the option chosen.   I have a data connection to a SharePoint list which has name, email, AD alias, etc.  My drop-down chooses the name, and the email and alias fields are filtered to be the email or alias that corresponds to the name selected.

You can also create a view using expression boxes that refer back to the original view, but could look exactly like a Word file when printed, if that's your goal.

Hope that helps.