Hardware Question for Computer controlling 16 commercial video cameras

I have a standard dual core XP machine with 16 cameras feeding 2-3mb/s ea at 30fps. I think the specs are as follows:
500GB Std 7200 rpm WD Hard Drive
Pentium Dual Core Basic w/ 3ghz cores
2GB Std Memory
100mb/s switch
Cat 6 network bringing in the Camera data.

Computer is both showing data in real time and recording.

CPU running @ 100% all the time... where are the most likely bottlenecks, and the best things to look at when selecting a computer upgrade.
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A Pentium dual core might be ok for about 4 cameras, depending on the resolution and capture framerate.  The video coming in has to be compressed in real time, or the space taken up by the video files would be enormous.  You can reduce the load by going with lower resolution, lower framerate or less intensive compression, but these sound like IP cameras, so getting a better cpu is the solution.  You don't have to get a gaming machine, as the video card is irrelevant for video capture.  An i7-2600K with 4GB RAM and as much storage as you will need is all you require, and you can get that for considerably less than $4000, probably around $1000 if you can custom configure it.
Video processing most likely. get software that can offload to a gpu and get a good enough gpu.
jkrjora01Author Commented:
do you have any more specific information? I mean they are looking at a 4K gaming machine with i7 ultimate; so I need solid suggestions...
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jkrjora01Author Commented:
thank for your help, but is the main bottleneck the cpu, disk, ram or what? and reasoning - i.e. that only need a faster cpu, as most processing is compression work, and the disk/moterboard can take a lot more loading before they slow up...
I think it's the cpu, as that does the video compression, and you noted "CPU running @ 100% all the time".  It's possible there is another bottleneck, but this is the obvious one you need to address.
Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software EngineerCommented:
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