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server 2008 password expiry now users cannot access network share

taologic asked
hi all!

I have 2 sites, one with windows 2003 server running on it, another with server 2008 on it.

The 2003 server site had yesterday lost access to the 2008 site file shares due to the 2008 site having a 180 day password expiry. Foolishly i reset the password on the 2008 server back to what they were prev thinking it would resolve the password match problem.

Now though its saying password/user does not match on any user trying to access the 2008 box for which there password had expired.

Do i have to reset something as im having a mental block here.

I have gone into the user profiles for the users on the 2008 box and set password not to expire and reset them to match the username/password as of the 2003 box again but nothing.

Any Suggestions?

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ahh found out the 2008 has a seperate password expiry check box in the sbs console. although i had changed it on a local user level it needed the option changing in there too.

all done