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desktop folder shorcut always missing

warriorsTeah asked
We has  facing a problem of shortcut icon on desktop missing.
We created a few folder shortcut on the desktop and after sometime, those folders will disappear.
The folders disappear are those that refer to folders in the file servers. Folders created from the local hdd are OK.
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Kamaraj SubramanianApplication Support Analyst

map your server path to drive
and make sure it has reconnect on restart

and then create a shortcut
Network Administrator, Network Consultant
Top Expert 2011
icons will disappear from time to time because Windows 7 has a built in task schedule to clean up broken and unused links.  
To prevent the task from running you need to disable the task in the task schedular: start-programs-accessories-system tools-task scheduler
Expand the tree in the left hand pane until you get to Task Scheduler Library-Microsoft-Windows-Diagnosis.
In the right hand pane, right click the task named Scheduled and click Disable.
just try and let me know