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How to Outlook 2010?

I am using Outlook 2010 where I have two in-box

1.Personal in-box
2.Team in-box  mail in this in-box can be viewed/replied  by all my team members.

Now the question is

1. How can I Search the mail from Global/Team in-box in Outlook 2010?
-Outlook Default search does not include  Global/Team in-box on search mails.
  If I search through start menu then it include all the in-box

2. How can I create search folder On my team mail box?

What is the efficient way to organize  both in-box and get/search the email details instantly.

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You didn't say what the Operating System is... or if these are Exchange accounts or POP/SMTP or IMAP.

The below procedure should work on Vista or Win7.  If any of the accounts are Exchange accounts, you have to work in cached mode so that the data is stored locally unless it's indexed on the server, which would be a discussion to have with your mailserver administrator.

Get search results from multiple inboxes:
Select File>Options.  

In the left pane of the Outlook Options dialog box, select Search.

In the Results section, click All Folders.

Click the Indexing Options button.

Click the Modify button.  Expand the "twistie" next to Outlook.

Ensure all the mail folders you want indexed are selected.

 Indexing Options


Thank you rscottvan, let me try tomorrow & update you with the out come.



Thank you.