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ISA/TMG client disables itself when I use an app that requires SQL connectivity

Using Windows XP. I have a custom tool on it that queries a sql server db. It connects to the server db on port 1433. It goes through the ISA/TMG server to get to the SQL server. Whenever I attempt to use the tool to connect to the db, the ISA client in the tray gets a red x.
It works fine on my Windows 7 machines.

On the ISA server, it records an entry:
Denied Connection ISASERVER 06/12/2011 13:48:18
Status: The action cannot be performed because the session is not authenticated.  
It seems that the client disables itself, so the ISA server sees it as an unauthenticated session.
Tried a few different ISA client versions.
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The message displayed on the TMG client is 'Disabled:cannot authenticate to Forefront TMG <ISAServername>'
The issue was the custom app had an exe with space in the name!
The exe was 'cust app.exe'. I removed the space to fix it.
I believe the ISA was scanning its list of programs in TMG client settings, and was confused by the app with a space in thename, so it didn't know how to proceed.