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Virutal Server within a virtual machine?

dkim18 asked

I am getting a virtual machine on a win 2008 hyper-v server.
I am new and I am confused about what it can do.

Can I install win 2008 hyper-v server on a virtual machine (on a virtual serer, host) and create other virutal machines?

Right now the admin to the virtual server creates me virtual machines.
I want to create a virtual server where I can create virutal machines on my own.

Does that mean I need my own server? (or become a admin to that existing VS?)
Is it possible for me to use the existing VS to accomplish it?

Can yo clarify that for me please?
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Top Expert 2012
You need to have your server to install Hyper-v Host then install VMs.
Sikhumbuzo NtsadaIT Administration
I would say no, hyper-v needs to be installed on a bare metal hardware as it would be your host OS to install your VMs.
Network Engineer
Check with your admin if System Center Virtual Machine Manager can be made available to you. It includes a self service option, which is what you are looking for.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process Advisor
Most Valuable Expert 2013
Hyper-V requires access to hardware based virtualization technology (integrated into the CPU and chipset).  The emulated CPU and chipset provided in VMs does NOT have this or pass this through to the physical hardware (at least on any virtualization platform I've seen).  So you CANNOT run Hyper-V in a VM.  You might be able to run Virtual Server since that's a Type 2 hypervisor (by comparison, much slower) and I believe there are options that allow it to work where virtualization technology (VT) is not present.  HOWEVER, I wouldn't do this - you can expect the performance of the VMs to be pretty dreadful.