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KMS Host Question

Not sure what Zone this belongs in.

I have a KMS server running on Windows 2008 R2.  I've installed the Windows 2008 R2 KMS key and activated the KMS server.

I am trying activate my Windows 7 machines, I know I need 25 clients, but I'm trying to figure out how many I have at this point.

When I run the command "cscript slmgr.vbs /dli all", I can see (Abbreviated):

Description: Windows Operating System - Windows Server(R), VOLUME_KMS_R2_B channel
License Status: Licensed
Current count: 3

I only have three Windows 2008 R2 servers attempting to register so far, yeah I know I need 5.

Description: Microsoft Office 2010 KMS, VOLUME_KMS channel
License Status: Licensed
Current count: 10

But I do not see a section for Windows 7.  I know that the Windows 2008 R2 KMS Key will activate Windows 7 when it reaches 25 clients.  But I want to see how many I'm at.

BTW, firewall isn't an issue, I see in the event logs the Windows 7 machines attempting to authenticate.


Watch Question

Solved the issue.  Windows 7 client are displayed under the section called Windows Server(R), VOLUME_KMS_R2.

My issue was that I had used the skip rearm in my sysprep before ghosting.  So all the clients looked like the same machine.