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Network Controlled Jukebox

CIPortAuthority asked
I am setting up a machine to play Christmas music for the office.  The machine is running Windows 7.  I am looking for software that would allow the staff to control what is played from their desk.  they should to be able to connect to the machine via a webpage and select which songs they would like played.  Each selection would get added to the queue and played on the server machine (NOT on their local desktop).  The server machine is hooked to a speaker system to play the music for the office.  If no music is selected, the server should still play random music from the library.

Does anyone know any software that will let me do this?
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No not to this extent
I'm sorry but I feel what your asking for here is simply not possible,  CIPortAuthority
the reason being is the action of the users on their desk or is that desktop? and
clicking a URL within a web page or playlist  that would activate a media player file playing on a server? and not on their desktop.
 the problem here is getting the server to play the requests from the desktops

I shall offer you some ideas but I think the solution is to just let it play what everyone likes,
often times giving a free hand they take an arm and leg and no one is happy.
Take a survey of the most wanted tracks and then simply make playlists and name them Jane's Play list Simon's Playlist  etc and then queue playlists automatically.
No more interaction is really needed
Every one is happy and focused on the party instead. Surprise factor intact.
Any media player will do this actually on the server, My prefered is Winamp over Windows media player
windows media center is another
Here's my idea for you with no inter-action from network desktops
the best>
Manage 100,000+ music and video files
Create playlists and let Auto-DJ & Party Mode take care of your party.
Manage any audio / video genres: Rock, Classical, Audiobooks, Podcasts, Home movies, tv, etc.
Flow player
Ultimate Jukebox
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or this :   http://www.jukeboxjockey.com/component/content/article/25-products/jukebox-jockey-media-player/147-features

but you'll need to add some macro's or other programs to update the playlist


Thanks for the input but it's become a moot point as they have just decided to listen to a radio station that is doing non-stop Christmas music until Christmas.

Having said that though, I know this sort of program is possible as I had used one a long time ago (6-7 years maybe).  Unfortunately I don't remember what the program is called even if it was still available.

I could have done as you had suggested and surveyed everyone and created a playlist but they're tastes change and with 8 people in the office (not to mention customers) it would have been tough to get a consensus that lasted more than 2 days.  If I had a program like what I described, they could have handled everything themselves from their desktops.

I looked at the various links you sent and the Jukebox Jockey is nice and comes closest to what I wanted except that it doesn't allow remote management via a webpage.