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MS Access 2002/3 file will not open

Neliduff asked
The same file on a network will not open in 2 x  Win 7 32 bit system but opens Ok in a Vista system - its the exact same file? The error msg is cannot find an input table. Any ideas Thanks
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Are you using the same office version?
Does the Access application include linked tables?  If so, are the links by drive letter?  Are the drive mappings the same on the Win 7 boxes as the Vista box?  What table, specifically, is named in the error message?  Is it a local table?
OM Gang
Same office version either 2002 or 03 and the file sits on the same drive that both system types are mapped to and yes the table is linked. The table is in a backend file with apparently the appropriate permissions granted as well.

To confirm that it's not a permissions issue log on as the same user that works on Vista when testing on the Win 7 machine.
So, just to clarify, the linked table is linked as J:\TheDirectoryPath\TheOtherAccessFile.mdb
AND J: exists on the Vista machine and is mapped to the appropriate share on the server
AND J: exists on the Win 7 machines and is mapped to the appropriate share on the server.

Even if the mdb file resides on a server, the links are relative to the client machine running the application, i.e. the links must exsit on the client machine and point to the correct server shares.

You might try changing the links from mapped drive letter to UNC path to see if that resolves the problem.
OM Gang
you can link using the unc like \\machine\share\file.mdb which avoids the network drive mapping issue.


Many thanks