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How to suppress the sending of meeting request to delegates ?

jpcari asked
With outlook 2003, delegate tab, there was the possibility to send or not the meeting requests to delegate. With outlook 2007, there is not the possibility of "not sending" the meeting requests, 3 choices but the 3 choices send requests. Is there a solution ?
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Top Expert 2012
Yes there is,
If you Navigate to Delegates
Select the Individual Delegates and Open Permissions
Under Calendar remove the Tick for Delegate Receieves Copied of Meeting Related msgs sent to me.

If you do this to all delegates listed, you will see that the 3 options your reffer to are greyed out.
When they are Greyed Out, this means the option is disabled


I had not experiment the "removing" tick individually and, of course, see that the options are greyed.
Many thanks.
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NO worries
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