Multiple criteria from two data validation lists sets trigger for macro

Hello Experts,
I need a bit of code that will select a macro based upon user selection from two data validation lists, each list contains 4 choices. The macro is triggered upon a button click.
biker9 Criteria-sets-macro.xlsm
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Problem with your macros is the system will confuse them for cell names, etc. If you rename them, you can use the

Here is my update

Sub Button3_Click()

Application.Run "Macro" & [G11] & [G12]

End Sub

Sub MacroA1()

Range("G21") = "Test A1 OK"

End Sub

Sub MacroB1()

Range("G21") = "Test B1 OK"

End Sub

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biker9Author Commented:
when I run the code, I get an error msg "400" ?
Are you running it from personal.xls or the workbook where the button is?
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Are your sheets protected?

Try it with the file I tested
biker9Author Commented:
I now get a run time error 1004 with the file you sent.
My bad. Try this one

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biker9Author Commented:
Thanks Thomas,

(ps. sorry..i thought i had closed this off a couple days ago)
No problem. Glad to help.

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