Downloaded flash plugin, then on execution the install file disappears

Win 7 x64 Professional
Win Server 2008 AD


I am trying to download the flash plugin on a user account.

When on a regular user account, the user goes to to download flash, then they are prompted to download flash. User chose to save instead of run, when I run the saved file, it simply disappears. When run is chosen, same thing happens.

When I go back to the browser's downloaded files, I right-click on the file to open the containing folder. The choice is grayed out, like the file never existed. When I click the file it doesn't even prompt me for an admin password.

Seriously, I see the file in the explorer window, I go to execute it, then it disappears.

When I try to install flash as admin, it works fine. Is the profile of the user account corrupt?
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Run5kConnect With a Mentor Commented:
To add to David-Howard's good advice, I don't believe that the Flash files that you are downloading were meant to function as stand-alone install files, but instead are designed to be a catalyst for online installations.  You can download the stand-alone install files from here:

Standalone 32-bit Install - Firefox

Standalone 64-bit Install - Firefox

Standalone 32-bit Install - Internet Explorer

Standalone 64-bit Install - Internet Explorer
If that profile does not have Admin or rights to install programs that's the cause of the problem.
If they do, one way to find out if the profile is corrupt is to go into Explorer (as Admin) locate and rename the user profile to currentusername_old
Log off and have the user log on. This will create a "new" profile without deleting any data from the _old profile.
Have the user test the download. If all works you can migrate data and settings from _old to the new profile. If Adobe does not work the profile is not corrupted. In that case, log on again as Admin and rename the _old profile back to it's orginal.
HTS-ITAuthor Commented:
The user ended up needing it for watching kitty videos. Hard at work, jeez
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