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How do I get Android phone to update calendar in Outlook 2010 via Exchange 2010

manelson05 asked
Originally phone was setup with SYNC and the phone could create a calendar entry with no issues.
Now suddenly one user has his phone that upon creating a calendar entry it only shows up on his phones calendar and not in Outlook via Exchange server. He can create an entry in Outlook and it shows up instantly in Outlook and his phone. Firmware is current on the users phone as well.

There is some sort of issue, can an expert please be of assistance.

Thank you

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are you certain the user is entering in the correct calendar on the phone?  I had users with androids and Iphone complain of this and ended up they were entering things into a personal phone calendar and not their exchange calendar...thats where i would check first, multiple calendars on the phone.


I disabled the GMAIL calendar.
He has entered from his phone twice and it s-hows up in the exchange calendar.
Best thing to just delete the phone and then re-add again?


I verified this am after re-adding he has been adding everything in his GMAIL calendar, how can I sync his gmail calendar with exchange. Is it possible to locate the Exchange calendar on his phone?


This helped me resolve the issue.