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Blackberry data plan

What is the requirements and step by step procedures for enabling push mail on blackberry device from corporate Exchange server 2007 mail server? pls. give me a good documention.


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You can download Blackberry Enterprise Server Express - it is free, and can handle up to 75 Exchange users.  Here is the link to get more info on that program, and to download:

It is no longer a requirement that the blackberry's have a "corporate" data plan - they can keep their existing home data plan, and it will sync with this BES server.  The setup is relatively painless for Exchange, it just requires setting up a dedicated service account, and assigning the permissions as required.

Here is a link to the documentation on how to configure BES for Exchange:

I hope this helps!

If you have OWA configured and you're only setting up a few devices, there's no need for BES.

On the device go to setup, add  email account, you will need username and password, and the URL of your OWA.  mail.domain.com/exchange is generally what it is.
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I would second the recommendation for BESX.  BlackBerry devices can't use ActiveSync, using BIS to connect to OWA can work, but is sometimes problematic, especially if you want to sync contacts or calendar.  And to clarify, BESX will support up to 2,000 users, but they say up to 75 when installed on the same server as Exchange.

Oops - yes, footech is right about the number of users - I read through the whitepapers to quickly.