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how to activate kaspersky internet security 2011

nettech1998 asked
dear all,

i have windows xp , i installed on it kaspersky internet security 2011
but during installation and at the activation step , i enter the activation code,
but when it try to connect to the kasper server to activate then it take more time ,
and it can't be activated i don't know why, also i tried to activated it with trail version but with no succeed.
please advise why it can not activate ? and how i can solve this problem, please ?

best regards.
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Make sure that you don't have any other Anti-Virus programs running. I have seen a lot of strange behavior with AV programs, caused by other AV programs.
If you had a previous AV program installed, even if you uninstalled it, it may need a specialcleaned up because of the invasive nature of AV programs.  Most AV companies provide a special clean up program to remove them fully.  

This can also happen with trial version software.  Since you previously tried Kaspersky trial version, start with this:  http://support.kaspersky.com/faq/?qid=208279463

You'll also have to look up the removal tool for any other AV programs if they have already been removed.  Let us know what they were or just search google for "<AV Program name> removal tool" and you should find the link.

dear ee reach,

during the installation, the Kasper  show message with the incompatible programs and stop installation,
then i uninstalled those programs and installed  the Kasper again and it didn't opposed the installation and it continue till the end, is this mean that there are some other AV program or some of its files ?
the installation process was completed but now the problem is an activate the program it take more time and it show message ( can't activate ).
Note : i can't open the kaspersky site in this PC , and when i open any other site then its open .
please advise.

Best regards.

You also might try running Norton Power Eraser
Its free, and fairly decent at removing root kits and other viruses. I would be suspicious if websites such as Kaspersky are blocked, and Google and other aren't blocked.


solution is good


I'm sorry I didn't see your question until just now.  I'm a little unclear which program(s)you are having problem activating.  

In the mean time, I see that you have requested to close the question and are assigning me the points with an indication that the solution is good (thx), so maybe your issue is resolved already.

Given you have asked that the question be closed, II assume your issue is resolved.  If it isn't (and it probably isn't if it won't let you go to the kaspersky site), here are a couple of things to do:
0.  Run Malwarebytes (malwarebytes.org) and superAntiSpyware (superantispyware.com) until they both run clear.  Also run the Norton Power Eraser as RFD110 mentioned.
1.  I'm concerned you were not able to go to the kaspersky site.  If this is still true, see if a friend can let you log into their computer.  Then use your friend's computer to contact Kaspersky for support.  You paid good money for their product so you may as well see what they can do to help.  
2.  Kaspersky's site has all kinds of diagnostic tools you can use.  Contact their forums and find out which you need to use to get the diagnostic info you need, then open a support ticket and/or post to the forum whatever the forum or support team asks you for.

There are other approaches as well, but I won't take up your time in case you don't need it any more.  But if you find you have an issue later, we're all here to help at Experts-Exchange.

Kind regards and thanks again for the points.