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Windows SBS 2011 Performance monitoring

ie0 asked
With Windows 2008 and below I have opened Task Manager - Performance and looked at the Memory usage to find out if it is getting close to the actual RAM installed and therefore paging too much and slowing down the server.
With SBS 2011 Exchange now takes all available ram for itself so I cannot used Task Manager to look at RAM usage.
How do I know if I have enuough ram in SBS 2011 to prevent paging and therefore a slow server?
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It would have been helpful for us to answer the qestion... do I have enough RAM, if you had said how much you have.

Task Manager should always open.  What indication do you have that insufficient RAM is keeping it from opening?

SBS 2011 will work with 8 GB RAM with few users, is happier with 12, and does very well at 16.  For extensive use by over say 25 users, you may want to consider 24 or 32 GB of RAM.

It is possible to throttle the RAM used by SQL services, and it can be done for Exchange, but only if necessary.


Fly, yes my question is "do I have enough ram"
I have 16GB and the server is very slow, at the console and from the clients.
How do I know if I have enough ram?
Still don't know enough.  How many clients?  What server side intensive applications are in use?  How much email is used?

There are other causes of "slowness", the most likely ones are the disk subsystem and CPU, although CPU is not the top of the list.  

On board RAID controllers and 7200 RPM SATA drives will feel much slower at the console than dedicated controllers and 15K SAS drives.

AV Scanning can be another.

You did not say what indication you had that the lack of RAM is preventing you from using task manager.


Fly, I can access Task Manager no problem.
I would like to know who to tell if I am running out of ram?
Look at the image in the file attached.  That system has 24 GB RAM, and 10-11 are used and 10-11 are free.  IMO, that is a complete waste of resources, so that system would have been very happy with 12 or 16.  

Then if you look at the Memory tap on the Resource Monitor shown in the image, you can get more information.