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Where can i find complete Univeral Product code (UPC) database for indian retail

Where can i find complete Univeral Product code (UPC) database for indian retail for electronics, consumer, apparels.
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UPC codes are unique to each manufacturer.  GS1 (formerly UCC) does not maintain a central repository.  They only maintain a database of manufacturer codes...the first part of the barcode.  The rest of the code is the SKU and checksum.

If you have an account with a wholesale supplier, they may be able to supply you a database of the products they carry or sell to you.  But keep in mind that their codes may be different than another supply source.  And those may be different than a retailer.


From where can I get manufacture code(including country code). More over who is checksum calculate.
I may have sku with me.
The checksum is calculated to ensure the barcode is read correctly by a scanning device.  There are set formulas for each barcode format.  These are programmed into the firmware or software of the scanning device.  All you need to know is to ignore the small human-readable digit in the last position.  Most manufacturers make it significantly smaller than the rest as a visual indicator that it is not part of the actual code.

See here for a diagram of the code.

If you have the code, search here .

If you have the company name, search here .

The main page (with 2 other search options) for registry info is here .


I can do a text search, but can I get enitre manufacture code database.
No.  It's a search tool.

I can think of no valid reason for an individual to have a copy of their database.  If you have a valid business reason, you could contact GS1, but I doubt that a proprietary database would be handed over freely, especially as a static copy.  The list is dynamic, as codes are added and abandoned or re-purposed.

If you are a retailer or wholesaler, then your supply chain or manufacturers can supply the necessary information.