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Changing Microsoft Works Default Directory

kwick asked
How do you change the default directory for Microsoft works?  Unlike MS Office, there is no option setting for it.  The answers on the Microsoft site are outdated.  We have tried to change the "start in parameters" in the shortcut, but does not work.

The PC in question is running XP Pro.

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To change the default folder in which your Works files are saved, follow these steps:

1.Click Start, point to Settings, and then click Taskbar or Taskbar & Start Menu.
2.Click the Start Menu Programs tab, and then click Advanced.
3.In the All Folders pane, double-click the Programs folder.
4.In the right pane, double click the Microsoft Works folder.
5.Right-click the Microsoft Works program shortcut, and then click Properties.
6.Click the Shortcut tab, and then type the path to the new default folder in the Start In box.

For example, if you want Works to save files in the C:\Personal Files folder, type the following line in the Start In box:
C:\Personal Files7.Click OK, and then close Windows Explorer.


Nope - these are the same instructions as on Microsoft, which I said were no longer relevant.

In fact, if you have an XP pro machine in front of you, go ahead and just try step 1.  You will see that when you click Start, there is no Settings to point to.  

Yep your correct, however...... we we should be able to get to works.exe through program files

Right click start>windows explorer>C: drive >program files>Microsoft works find the the .exe that way


found the .exe, but that is not modify-able.  Created a new short cut.  Changed the start in to a new directory.  Regardless of what we put in, we open works, open files and still opens from the documents folder - which is what we do not want.

As far as I am aware, it can't be done except by editing the registry, which could foul up Works altogether. The best thing woud be to create a shortcut in the default directory to the directory you want to use, then you can switch to it easily from within the program.


Due to the age of MS works, this is the only work around.