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unable to plug in card reader on Intel Board

Diego_Jaen asked

I was putting together a desktop computer with a Intel H61WW board, but there seems to be only one set of pins for USB. so my question is, do I have to choose between having my front usb ports working, or my card reader, is there a way to have them both working?
Thanks in advanced
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You can use a usb flexible hub so you can get the card reader and front usb ports working. They are sold in most places. You can also keep the flexible hub inside the computer case.
hi Diego_Jaen,

If you only have 1 set of pins for USB you will have to add an additional PCI USB controller card. (some models give two at the back panel side and 1 internal)
That said I reckon both devices can only only plugin with the pin configuration. I would then suggest you get a Slot that plug into the front bay below/above your DVD ROM that has USB ports and card reader slots.
Example: 3.5-inch PC Front Bay Internal Card Reader and USB Hub

You can go with the the additional card option, but you will not get your front USB port to work. You will have addition ports in the back. If you go with the flex hub you can get the front to work and the builtin card reader.
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Distinguished Expert 2019

very strange - since these provide normal usb connections, no INTERNAL USB headers
but usually i'm  wrong, so...