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Put page number at bottom of page

Taras asked
I have report created in BIDS 2008 on report Data in report are displayed by table. I have three groups and detail part, sub totals on the groups and grand total at the end. Page brake is set up after first group change. This is working ok and numbering is ok.
 However, problem is position of page number.  I have page footer and there I have  text box where I put  my page number  as expression:  = Format(Globals!PageNumber) + " of " + Format(Globals!TotalPages) + " pages".
  E.g. 1 of 5 pages or 2 of 5 those page numbers are not showing at the bottom of page.
If the group is small,  page number is bellow group sometimes in the midlle of page height. I need it at the bottom  of page.
Any idea how to solve this?

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Are you sure you have a problem here? If you are viewing the report in BIDS, click the 'Print Layout' button to the right of the printer icon in the menu bar in Preview mode. Without this clicked, the page footer will move up and down the page; in Print Preview it's always at the bottom of the page where you want it.



Thanks a lot,  you were right, i should check print view.it shows at the bottom