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HP SmartStart CD (Array Configuration Utility)

I need some advice how to rebuild a replaced drive on a HP Smart Array 5i+

There are 3x 72.8Gb ULTRA320 SCSI Drives in a HP Smart Array 5i+

One of the drives failed and I have a new drive installed into the hot swap caddy.
The Server is off.

When I restart the server it asked me to press F1 to continue - Data Loss may Occur.

The operating system is not detected after this because I don't believe there is a working logical volume.

I can press F8 to see the Raid Array.  All drives are now present (after the new drive is installed).

I've inserted the HP SmartStart 7.10 CD and re-booted.
The Array Configuration Utility appears.

I'm not sure what to do from here.  There is an option to Configure a Logical Volume, and other options to migrate drives.

I'm not sure how to rebuild the data on the Raid Array - Rebuilding the replaced hard drive.

Can anyone give advice?

Thanks in advance.

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You never replace failed drives on HP Smart Array controllers with the server powered off, unless the drive is brand new the controller may see the replacement as being more important than your other disks and overwrite them. That's assuming it's a hotswap server, if not you don't really have an option.

Take it out and just leave the good disks in and power on and it should boot the OS, then fit the replacement hot. You don't need to use the SmartStart CD, rebuild is automatic if the drive's fitted hot. The replacement disk must go in the same slot as the failed disk came out of.
if you want ADU Report. go through below steps

A. Offline ADU report :
1.    Boot the server with Easy Setup CD.
2.    Select language ÂżEnglish.
3.    Select Maintain server.
4.    Diagnose array Option.
5.    Save the report .

you will get the adu report. after adu report.

if you want to boot the o.s. keep the good Hard drive in the bay and remove the replaced new. after booting the o.s. insert the replacement disk.


Thanks andyalder and pravin_abhale

When the HDD failed last week the server froze and needed a reboot.  When it re-started the OS did not boot. (Missing Operating System).
The server was then switched off until the brand new Drive arrived.  Yes - it was sealed as brand new.

I inserted the new drive and started the server.  It asked to press F1 to select the logical drive and data may be lost (some message like that).

Still the OS will not load.

So I've inserted the SmartStart CD and can see the ADU.
When I run the ADU report is shows me no problems =  RAID 5 and Status OK.  Not monitoring.

For some reason I can't get it to save the report to floppy disk (I'm using new formatted disks).

I'm at the point of accepting I will have to re-install the whole system.  I do have a System State backup with Volume Shadow Copy.  I don't have a back up of the files though.

What else can I check?

Thanks in advance.

Distinguished Expert 2019

The message "missing operating system" actually comes from the operating system rather than firmware/BIOS etc so your data may well be there still and just the boot files corrupt. You can try booting to recovery console and running fixmbr - http://support.microsoft.com/kb/321626 or you can make a bartPE boot disk and put getdataback on it - http://www.runtime.org/data-recovery-software.htm (note you'll have to add the drivers to BartPE disk http://www.nu2.nu/pebuilder/drivers/index.php?p=1).

I don't think you'll need RAID reconstructor since that's for de-striping if for example you can't get hold of the same make/model of controller.
"Missing Operating System" means its a startup problem.

in that, below mentioned link will be use for you.

Thanks for help.  It was a complete loss.  The best solutions was to rebuild the server from scratch.


Complete HDD Loss