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Script for continuous ping on OS/2?


We have a legacy application that is locked to OS/2.  The client system is behind layers of routers, firewalls etc.  Due to conection timeouts after the system is idle for a period of time we lose connectivity from data to client.

We cannot control timeout of equipment that belongs to the ISP.  Faced with a similar problem on Windows clients we set up a continuous ping that keeps the connection active.

Anyone know how to create a script that will run at startup on O/S2 Warp and continously ping an address?  I have been all over the internet looking for this but information on O/S2 Warp is extremely limited.  Imagin that!

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the ping commang should be standard across all OSs (even OS/2) - try Ping xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx -t


Are batch files standard in OS/2?  We're hoping to creat a batch file that kicks off at startup.  I'm going to visity the system in question but honestly, I've never even seen OS/2 other than the commercials in the 90's during the Olympics... :)


Sometimes I close questions because they remain open forever even if no resolution is found.