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File permission

I have a user who has read only permission on a folder. I am trying to allow the user to modify only 1 file within the folder. For the folder, her permissions are tied to a security group. I left that alone and directly on the file, i gave her modify permission. She is unable to save changes unless i give her modify rights on the whole folder which then allows her to modify all files within. Please advise if this is possible and if so, how to properly set the permissions.

Platform of file server is Windows Server 2003 SP 2.
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Please see the following Technet article, this exaplains how you can set permissions



I've read through this already but can't figure out my specific situation. Please provide specific solution pertaining to my question.
i don't think that is possible. What you could do is create another folder inside this folder with only that file and then share the sub folder with her with full rights.
Kent WSr. Network / Systems Admin

Have you set the securities on not just the share permissions, but on the securities under the actual folder?  If you add the user to the base folder as read only (on the folder), then to the file itself as modify, then set the share permissions to full control, the base folder level securities (read only for the user) will prevent the share from allowing write permissions to anything but the one file with actual modify rights.

So, you need to set this in two places.  First, her or her group needs to be read only under your folder securities (not SHARE permission on the share tab, but the actual folder Properties > security tab. Under the same file Properties > security tab, allow modify to her user.

Then, under SHARE permissions, allow full control to her user.  The base folder permissions will trump share permissions, and she will have modify access to only what you have allowed, per file.


The share permission is set to (Everyone): Change, Read
The share's folder permission is set to (Domain Users): Read & Execute, List Folder Contents, Read
The actual folder is set to (Her Security Group): Read & Execute, List Folder Contents, Read
The specific file is set to (her username only): Modify, R&E, List, Read, Write
Kent WSr. Network / Systems Admin

The Share's folder permissions, not sure what you mean. Share permissions (permissions button) are the only place to set the share's perms itself.  Do you mean Domain User is on the share perms, or is it directly on the folder securities?

Remember that the actual folders securities perms override share perms.

That being said, You can remove "everyone" from the share, and replace with the specific group, or her user.  Make sure there are no inherited perms passing down (look under the permissions advanced and see if that is checked).  Set that user to Change / Read.
On the directory securities, make sure there are no groups she is a part of that have modify control, and important, also make sure there are no inherit rules fostering down (look under advanced).
I'm thinking the Everyone + some inherited securities are causing issues here.

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I just tested this, and it works.

Under securities, on the folder, allow the user or group read...everything but write or modify.
This will be inherited by each file in that folder.
Then, go to the file, and allow that user or specific group modify or full control.

Last, on the share, add the user with change / read.  The specific file perms will override this for all files except the one you give modify / full control to.

Tested on my AD domain, works like a charm.  If it doesn't work, you have some other group our inherited properties overwriting perms.
Mugojava - The problem ended up being an Office 2007 issue. After doing further testing, I was able to save to this folder using her account, but only from office 2003 and from office 2007 with all updates installed. She was missing some updates, including the latest office service pack. After updating the SP, everything worked like it should.

Thanks for all your help!