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Re-establish broken trust relationship between Windows 7 and Domain

helpdti asked

I work in an environment with hundreds of PCs and from time to time the trust relationship between a client Windows 7 and its primary domain fails.

Is it possible to re-establish a broken trust relationship between a client Windows 7 and its domain without leaving and re-joining the domain.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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Not that i know of, rejoining the doamin is my only answer i have not found another way.  Better to find out why your clients have broken trust relation ships, may be how you roll them out, SID's must be regenerated especially if rejoing as a different machine name.
Joe RudSystems Administrator
+1 on ProtechCT's comment.  I've only ever been able to fix by removing and re-joining domain.


I'll try to find the cause, although we deploy using sysprep, and so far with Windows 7 we only had two cases in two different networks (it was more frequent with Windows XP, for which we used cloning).

How about NETDOM?


Was looking for faster solution to my problem, than the one known. Answer is that there is non faster solution